KATE spacek

Kate combines 15 years in business operations, event production, and project management with proficiencies in personal development, creativity, and group facilitation to do what she loves – collaborate with change-makers to step up their games. She believes that incorporating the inherent powers of curiosity, diversity, art, and play into “change projects” is a hugely untapped resource. Kate co-produced TEDx in Bali, has lived on three continents, and refuels daily with silly dance time. She is Creative Director at LUDIKA, with a mission to design co-creative experiences rooted in scientific research that connect, educate, and inspire action.



Eve is an international multimedia artist working in film, performance, costume, set, and new medias. She is co-creator of Queen Mae and the Bells, (modern opera troupe), producer of Homeslice, (stop-motion animation), director of Seekago (a series of five films), and creator of Denizen (sound based performance). She has designed fashion for AVEDA, windows for Victoria’s Secret, and costumes for Times New Viking music videos. She earned her Masters of Fine Art at the University of California Santa Cruz, where she learned electronics and computer programming languages, and designed a curriculum for the Digital Arts and New Media Program.



Gregorio is a designer and film producer. Born and raised between Colombia, upstate New York, and the UK, he graduated from the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan. Since, he has designed communication pieces for campaigns and individuals in Milan, Barcelona, Los Angeles, México D.F, Lisbon and Bali. Gregorio explores all aspects of communication. While in Los Angeles, he produced documentaries for the BBC and Sundance Channel. He speaks French, Italian, English, Portuguese and Spanish fluently. For real.