On to the Philippines!

After success in Papua New Guinea, ZERO1 American Arts Incubator continues to Country #2. Kate Spacek brings her spirit of collaborative play to the Philippines' "Capital of Smiles and Sugar" - Bacolod, the largest city on Negros Island. 

With artist Felipe Castelblanco leading the way, Kate encouraged community participants to see their familiar spaces with fresh eyes and objective curiosity. To develop a variety of digital media public art projects addressing environmental health, four groups received grants - with each project taking a unique approach. From custom-designed school kitchens in rural areas to a floating eco-resource library to a youth music video-making education program, these concepts are igniting conversations that won't end any time soon.

Unity clap.

Unity clap.

Rapid prototyping to trigger discussion of an ideal environment

Rapid prototyping to trigger discussion of an ideal environment


To learn more about each project and follow the progress, visit the Philippines Arts Incubator Facebook page.

Co-Creations in Papua New Guinea

LUDIKA's Creative Director, Kate Spacek, has the privilege of playing another exciting role -- as the Program Manager of the ZERO1 American Arts Incubator. Along with social artist Kendal Henry, Kate spent 4 weeks in Papua New Guinea facilitating youth and other locals to engage in collaborative public art-making that advocates for women's empowerment. In partnership with the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Embassy in Port Moresby, the program set out to address gender inequity, gender-based violence, teen pregnancy, and other big challenges faced by the people of PNG.

Four community groups were awarded grants to develop their proposed public art projects. Using an incubator-style, playful approach to co-creating, participants explored these sensitive topics, able to share dialogue across socioeconomic groups and see new perspectives. Strangers became friends, unified through creativity, movement, and laughter. Although the four groups exhibited their digital and multimedia outcomes separately, they now have found their own synergies and all are working together towards the next public art collaboration!

Plenty more images and stories on the PNG Arts Incubator Facebook page.

A 6-Month Course in the Art of Play

What if ten people in a class speak ten different languages? How do you find a common method of communication? One answer: Play!

For six months, Kate Spacek facilitated weekly "experiments" to explore what Play is and what it is not, what is required for people to enter a playful state of mind and body, and how perceptions of Play differ across cultures. 

Using games as a foundational tool to integrate art, movement, story-telling, sound, non-verbal communication, team challenges, and all sorts of spontaneity, the course content was a surprise to every student, every time. To find each student's own definitions and parameters of Play, occasionally the activities triggered some discomfort, which in itself was a powerful learning experience for all involved. And Kate pushed her own boundaries as well, making it a rule to add at least one newly-designed game or untested activity to the curricula each week.

Most frequently, classmates who entered the studio as strangers were crafting lunch plans together after class. Middle-aged men and women became teary-eyed, confessing they had not felt these sensations since childhood. Students entered as adults busy with the rigors of daily routine and walked out calm, liberated, and wide-eyed to the possibilities of creative potential around them and within them.