GLOW Festival @ MAH - HERD: Ways (v3)

Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History invited HERD to perform in the annual GLOW Festival. What's that you say? We get to light up the night with creepy crawlies? And herd innocent bystanders at the same time? We're in.

We rehearsed some new herding techniques for this one.

Another audience, another iteration. HERD: Ways / walls+windows keeps evolving. Plus, eve Warnock and LUDIKA cannot resist pushing the envelope to add something new every time. Never a dull moment.

Amazing what you can do with plastic bags and packing tape.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 9.44.06 PM.png

Thanks MAH Team for being super sweetness, as usual!

YBCA - HERD: Ways /walls+windows (v2)

On Saturday, October 4, HERD wowed the crowd at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in SF. HERD was the featured evening performance as part of Open City / Art City, a 3-day event exploring the technologies, communities, and values of Open Cities, and the systems, information, and people that will make them. As usual, HERD presented an eye-popping performance that left the audience considering the themes of Open City / Art City, in less logical, more visceral ways. 


Through modular setscapes and unique choreography, HERD: Ways entices the audience to move and be moved in ways unforeseen. The interactive experience instigates new questions of urban homeostasis, human vs. earth, and how we might inspire visions of growth in the mundane push through city landscapes. Bolstered by the captivating projection work of Gene Felice and the entrancing autonomous instruments of Nathan Ober, HERD will activate the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in a multi-sensory story of animal and human herding tactics.

As always, HERD processes from stage to street for an impromptu guerrilla performance. Rave reviews. YES!

LA Live Arts Exchange - HERD: Ways /walls + windows

How exciting! HERD was selected from dozens of proposals to be a feature performance at this year's Live Arts Exchange Festival in LA. And boy, did we perform. The audience did not know what to think.

Picture 7.png

Once they realized they were part of the performance, though, they (mostly) embraced the opportunity. 

HERD: Ways/ walls+windows is an interactive experience rooted in the physical and psychological qualities of herding behaviors - in both animals and humans. Audiences are captivated by the aesthetically beautiful set and movements, and compelled by questions of control, isolation, collective thought & behavior, and personal space within the group. HERD: Ways/ walls+windows instigates a primary experience of herding and being herded. This risky, edgy, and hilarious take on art + science evokes equal parts thoughtful curiosity and wide-eyed surprise.

After delivering two full performances, the team learned A LOT. The LAX Festival showcased such a diversely talented group of artists; keep your eyes out for tickets next year. And what a perfect chance to prototype some new ideas in preparation for the big show at YBCA next month! See you there... October 4.

LUDIKA Emerges with HERD at the Sea

HERD, a collaborative creation by eve Warnock & LUDIKA, debuted at the Bloom Festival in Santa Cruz, CA last weekend. In a fantastical multi-media performance, HERD: Emergence brings the consequences of a polluted ocean to life with the emergence of an evolved self-organized species from our oceans. Using researched-based algorithms to inform movement, these species will evolve and transform in front of the audience. Compelling costumes, set, projection, and sounds will allow these organisms to dwell, feed, and reproduce among us.