ATLAS @ Come Out & Play

In collaboration with Richie Rhombus and Jared Wood, LUDIKA introduced ATLAS at the Come Out & Play Festival in downtown San Francisco. After months of conceptual development, prototyping, and production, the designer trio was excited to find that the players LOVED IT! 

ATLAS is a chance-based urban navigation game, wherein players choose cards that send them in unexpected directions and alter their ways of interacting with their surroundings and fellow humans. The game invites players to create new and adventurous forms of navigating. Each game results in a co-created "map" that documents their collective journey. It's not unusual for ATLAS players to get lost in familiar territory, stumbling upon treasures always there but never noticed.

People were asking if they could buy a set or where they could order one. The most common feedback from players was that they didn't like having to choose between staying out in the urban wilderness to keep playing ATLAS, or return to the CO&P Festival so they wouldn't miss the rest of the games. The idea to have an all-day ATLAS SF event seemed to be a popular suggestion. Hmmm...