On to the Philippines!

After success in Papua New Guinea, ZERO1 American Arts Incubator continues to Country #2. Kate Spacek brings her spirit of collaborative play to the Philippines' "Capital of Smiles and Sugar" - Bacolod, the largest city on Negros Island. 

With artist Felipe Castelblanco leading the way, Kate encouraged community participants to see their familiar spaces with fresh eyes and objective curiosity. To develop a variety of digital media public art projects addressing environmental health, four groups received grants - with each project taking a unique approach. From custom-designed school kitchens in rural areas to a floating eco-resource library to a youth music video-making education program, these concepts are igniting conversations that won't end any time soon.

Unity clap.

Unity clap.

Rapid prototyping to trigger discussion of an ideal environment

Rapid prototyping to trigger discussion of an ideal environment


To learn more about each project and follow the progress, visit the Philippines Arts Incubator Facebook page.

YBCA's Room for Big Ideas: Transflux

LUDIKA's Creative Director, Kate Spacek, was Coordinating Artist for Transflux, an exploration of the interconnectedness of our inner and outer worlds wherein visitors can realize the impacts of their individual actions on their larger environments. Kate had the opportunity to collaborate with the talents of Gene Felice, Nathan Ober, and Eve Warnock for an exhibit at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA). 

The "Room for Big Ideas" is one of many community engagement initiatives at YBCA, providing gallery space for mostly regional artists to showcase interactive work in almost any medium. The staff were almost as awestruck as the guests at the level of ingenuity the artists brought into the space. Transflux was a hit!

Meet My Shadow Debuts at a secret shindig

<< NOTE: Meet My Shadow is a prototype for a larger-scale digital media game concept that involves wall-to-wall projected silhouettes dancing to the choreograph co-created by the people dancing at a given event. >>

Can a warehouse filled with over 500 people really be secret? Not sure. Were you there? LUDIKA was - in part to test the newest collaborative art game. The only rule? Your traced shadow must interact with an existing silhouette.

Wow, the wall filled way quicker than imagined. Next time? An entire building of shadowy stories...

GLOW Festival @ MAH - HERD: Ways (v3)

Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History invited HERD to perform in the annual GLOW Festival. What's that you say? We get to light up the night with creepy crawlies? And herd innocent bystanders at the same time? We're in.

We rehearsed some new herding techniques for this one.

Another audience, another iteration. HERD: Ways / walls+windows keeps evolving. Plus, eve Warnock and LUDIKA cannot resist pushing the envelope to add something new every time. Never a dull moment.

Amazing what you can do with plastic bags and packing tape.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 9.44.06 PM.png

Thanks MAH Team for being super sweetness, as usual!